Foot Hugs From Heaven

Patient Stories
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On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, the family of Lori Gentzlinger, a beloved patient donated compression socks in her memory.

When Lori was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, her family started a 'Go Fund Me' page to help with financial hardship. Her chemotherapy treatments had caused swelling in her legs and feet so she needed to wear compression socks. She had an abundance of compression socks that she wanted to bring to the nurses at New York Cancer & Blood Specialists. She did just that and it had brought her so much joy that they continued to use the 'Go Fund Me' to purchase compression socks. Her family now continues to donate in her memory and spread the love with "foot hugs." They plan to continue donating to healthcare workers, nurses, and other patients in the community so they all can enjoy her love, too.