The Art of Being Mindful

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Studies have shown that the eating patterns of the Mediterranean diet closely connect to good health and a decrease in the risk of many lifestyle diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Regular physical activity, sharing meals with family and friends, and enjoying life are vital components of the Mediterranean diet.

Being present allows you to enjoy moments in your life fully. If you are feeling stuck in any way, whether by your weight on the scale, your career, your relationships, your creative energy, or anything that has stopped you from moving forward positively, make a conscious decision to look inward for solutions.

Stress or eating out of boredom can wreak havoc on your physical and emotional state, triggering you to reach for foods high in sugar, fat, and sodium.

These foods can “soothe” the mind increase weight, belly fat, blood pressure, blood lipids, and blood sugar levels. As a nutritionist, I frequently suggest meditation and journaling, which can help in following a healthy lifestyle. The effects of meditation are cumulative. A 10 minute guided meditation each day will score big in your inner peace department. You will begin to notice subtle changes in how you deal with everyday stressors.

Welcome positivity into your life! Do not feel guilty for allowing yourself moments of stillness. Take 20 minutes for yoga or 10 minutes for meditation. Prioritize your overall being and put self-care as a priority in your life.

Daily physical exercise can improve your physical and emotional health. Regular activity may naturally lead you to choose healthier foods at mealtimes. Looking inward with a mindful practice can move you towards a place of motivation and inner peace and help organize your thoughts and subsequently enable you to make healthy decisions.

The simple act of putting your thoughts on paper can help you to see situations in a different and more workable light. Ask yourself the tough questions such as why am I eating this? How am I feeling emotionally right now? Understanding what triggers your food choices and eating behaviors can help you move towards a more positive and healthy way of eating. When you manage the feelings that drive you towards your food choices, you will begin to see fundamental changes.

Mindful eating is all about slowing down.

    Tips to get started on mindful eating :
      *Sit in a relaxed environment without significant distractions.
        *Teach yourself to eat slower by eating with your non-dominant hand.
          *Take a look at your plate and notice the variety of colors and textures in front of you.
            *Take a deep cleansing breath.
              *Take small bites and chew thoroughly.
                *Savor the flavor of each bite. Recognize and appreciate the flavor.
                  *Be aware of your hunger signals.
                    *Allow time for your brain to catch up to your stomach. It can take up to 20 minutes to realize you are full.
                      *Enjoy the process of nourishing your body.

                      Diets are only one piece of the healthy and happy package. If you choose to follow the eating patterns and lifestyle recommendations of the Mediterranean diet, practicing mindful eating each day will help you to enjoy your meals truly, feel satisfied and allow you to manage your weight. Strive to reach the complete package of a happy and healthy body, mind, and spirit. Namaste.