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Firefly Lane Post Image

Firefly Lane

Patient Stories

When a novel prompted her to get a breast screening, Melissa Kishegyi, 44, embarked on a new chapter in her own story.

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A Look at Targeted Therapies for Pancreatic Cancer Patients Post Image

A Look at Targeted Therapies for Pancreatic Cancer Patients


Dr. Roy Chen, a medical oncologist/hematologist at New York Cancer & Blood Specialists (NYCBS), discusses various treatment options that have been making large strides in the fight against pancreatic cancer.

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Liver Cancer Awareness Month Post Image

Liver Cancer Awareness Month

Health & Wellness Tips

Each year, an estimated 40,000 people living in the United States will be diagnosed with liver cancer. October is recognized as liver cancer awareness month to educate the public on the risks and seriousness of this illness and how to protect yourself from developing this type of cancer.

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Breast Cancer Month: Myth vs. Fact Post Image

Breast Cancer Month: Myth vs. Fact

NYCBS Spotlight

Every October, we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help raise awareness of the disease’s risk factors and symptoms and encourage individuals to get educated on how to detect this type of cancer. Unless you or someone close to you has experienced breast cancer, it can be challenging to get correct information about this illness. We’re here to help you separate facts from myths to ensure you know how to properly protect yourself and detect breast cancer.

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Sweet Potato Chili Recipe Post Image

Sweet Potato Chili Recipe

Health & Wellness Tips

When fall weather is in full force, it’s chili time! This spice-laden meatless chili dish offers a different spin on the classic cold-weather staple.

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Annual Patient Appreciation Day Post Image

Annual Patient Appreciation Day

Patient Appreciation

Patient Appreciation Day is going virtual!

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Living Life with Metastatic Breast Cancer Post Image

Living Life with Metastatic Breast Cancer

Patient Stories

Jodi LaSalla Comier was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer at the young age of 34-years-old. A breast cancer survivor for 17 years, she flipped the switch and is still living life with advanced breast cancer.

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The Storm Post Image

The Storm

Patient Stories

Adina Perullo was diagnosed with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma in June 2019, days before her 35th birthday. For her, it didn’t mean hiding behind the disease but instead, the cancer was about to weather her storm.

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Honoring our Employee of the Month, September Post Image

Honoring our Employee of the Month, September

Employee of the Month

We are proud to honor Geeta Mazzara, RN, our September Employee of the Month!

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Patient Community Meeting Post Image

Patient Community Meeting


Patient Community Meeting is officially resuming.

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