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It is common for people diagnosed with cancer at some point to experience feelings of stress, worry, anxiety, sadness or depression. In some situations, this can be quite severe or prolonged. Family members of cancer patients often experience similar difficulties.

Oncology Psychologists help people discuss some of the issues they are experiencing. They also help people develop strategies to help them relax, be more active and improve their mood. Psychologists can also assist in communicating with family members and help individuals adjust to life after cancer treatment has ended. Research demonstrates that cancer patients who are experiencing difficulties find psychological therapy helpful. It is common for patients to start meeting with a psychologist when cancer is first diagnosed but also after surgery, at the start of chemotherapy/radiation therapy, once treatment has ended, or when at the discovery of recurrence or the spread of cancer.

Common Cancer-Related Problems treated by psychologists

  • Anxiety about seeing your doctor, having treatment, having scans or tests
  • Anger or irritability with your family or hospital staff
  • Unable to get out of the house because of fears of meeting people
  • Feeling down or upset about yourself or your appearance
  • Feeling like there is no hope for the future and fears about dying
  • Difficulty keeping a daily routine because of physical problems
  • Feeling isolated or lonely
  • Difficulty sleeping because of anxious thoughts or images
  • Body image problems
  • Sexual problems
  • Worry that the cancer will return once you have completed treatment
  • Difficulty adjusting to life after cancer treatment – including dissatisfaction with your job, relationships or uncertainty about the future
  • For people whose cancer cannot be cured, psychologists can help them prepare practically and emotionally for death

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