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- anonymous, PJ

"Thank you to each and every one in the East Setauket office! Your compassion and love shows in Every thing you do. From greeting us, making us feel comfortable before we start, carefully taking blood and setting up infusions, to showing your concern as we sit and wait. Strange as it sounds, I felt comfortable coming in for many hours each week. It was a very special 'Family/Team' setting. You can only get that from people who Love what they do. I pray for each of you and Thank you for all you do. Especially now!! May God Bless you all and keep you healthy and safe. THANK YOU!!!"

- Janet from Selden

"To all the nurses, the heroes of healthcare...thank you for your devotion to our patients and for always alerting us to the need for nutrition intervention. Your love and compassion shines through and we love working with you!"

- Xoxo, The Registered Dietitian Nutritionists ~ Briana Galiardo, Catherine Izzo, Lauren McGarty,, Wendy Kaplan

"I can’t thank your all enough for what you do! I have been coming there for 15 years and still to today everyone there treats me like family. So thank you again for all you do. You all are amazing people! Mark Puccio"

- Mark Puccio

"I'd like to thank Dr. Vacirca Dr Nouri and the staff for saving my life, over the past 9 years I have had breast cancer 3x🙃 But their expertise and compassion and support has meant the world to me, it's been the hardest road to walk but I am healthy so thank you to my team and I can't thank the nurses at the Patchogue center especially my sweet Nichole 💗💗💗"

- Connie Prospect

"To all the nurses, the heroes of healthcare...thank you for your devotion to our patients and for always alerting us to the need for nutrition intervention. Your love and compassion shines through and we love working with you!"

- Xoxo, The Registered Dietitian Nutritionists ~ Briana Galiardo, Catherine Izzo, Lauren McGarty, Karen Picinich, Wendy Kaplan

"Thank you to all the nurses at the Port Jefferson office from a Breast Cancer Surviving RN! You. Are. AWESOME!"

- Madelene T. Mollo, BSN, RN

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire staff at The Port Jefferson Station office from the front desk down through the infusion room. There are no words to express the gratitude and appreciation I have for you all especially Sean, Michelle Jen ,Joanna and Bridget. Being a nurse myself I know perfection when I see it. The smiles, love and compassion are endless. You are all Gods Angels ."

- Barbara Boyle aka Santa

"God bless you all. You are the unsung heroes of the fight against cancer and now with this additional tension. Yet you sacrifice. The nurses and phlebotomists and the health care professionals at NY Cancer and Blood Specialists are examples not just to the healthcare field but to what it means to be truly human in its ideal. Love and prayers. Joe Marchelewski ( Pastor Ski) Bikers For Christ Canver overcomer."

- Joseph Marchelewski

"The staff over in the patchogue are the best there is. From the front desk to the lab to infusion to the nurses and doctors. Every single one of them are awesome!!Could not be happier . Thank you all so much for everything you do. Christine"

- Christine O’Connell

"I can’t thank everyone enough. The whole staff is top notch! I’m grateful for the oncology nurses who make each infusion appointment as pleasant as possible. Keep up the great work!"

- Sean D (West Babylon)

"On behalf of the American Cancer Society; we would like to send out an enormous thank you to the entire team at New York Cancer & Blood Specialists. To all of the doctors, nurses and all staff out on the front lines we cannot even begin to express our gratitude.  Your courage, bravery, and kindness truly makes you our heroes!"

- The American Cancer Society

"Thank u for all ur excellent work and the care u show the patients. ❤️❤️"

- Sue. Havel

"Thank for being kind and brave . It’s is a very good act . Thank you Mommy"

- Maksim Brock

"Thanks you to all the nurses at the Patchogue Office.,.I have been going there for years and you always too go care of any problem I make have had....You are all very friendly and make all you patience feel at ease no matter what they are going through...Thanks so very much..Marjorie Racca..."

- Marjorie Racca

"Thank you guys for all you do, you are all angels !!"

- Chrissy Kivita

"Thank you for being brave and going to work risking getting the infection and that is a very kind and brave act ."

- Maksim Brock

"Thank you to all the infusion nurses in Port Jefferson! Your kindness, compassion and patience brighten my Chemo days and help make this journey easier to travel. Thank you for all you do and the care you give, you are the BEST!"

- April Nicotra

"Thank you to all the infusion nurses at the Riverhead location for being so kind and caring and making me feel at ease during my chemo treatments! Going to treatments alone has been difficult and lonely - thank you for keeping me company!"

- Anonymous

"Thank you for everything you do and being there for us patients . I appreciate everything ❤️Be safe and god bless you all"

- Margaret Terribile

"Best Team in the Planet!!! Thank You All soo much for what You do♥️♥️♥️"

- Danny Vincent

"Thank you to all of the Bayside nurses for all that you do, you are our angels!"

- Anonymous

"A Big Thank You to the Nurses for Always Being so Friendly! That's the Best!"

- Debbie

"thank you all, from the front desk to the infusion room and everywhere in between. thank you is not enough.god bless each and everyone of you.stay well"

- jim coram

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Jablonski and ALL her wonderful staff for always helping me when I needed them most! My very best wishes for everyone and also good health God bless you all!!"

- Ola Vergara & Family, Port Jefferson

"Thank you to all of the girls in chronic care management. I love hearing from you every month. Knowing that you are a phone call away truly makes me feel safe!"

- Linda D.



"I want to say thank you to everyone in the Patchogue office, especially the infusion staff that I have the pleasure of working with daily. You guys are amazing and the reason why I get up and look forward to coming to work everyday. I couldn't ask for a better team and you guys are truly my heroes."

- Laura G, Yaphank

"Thank you mom for caring for this family and your patients during these hard times , I love you."

- Max Fragola

"God bless all of the staff at the Port Jefferson Station Rt 112 offices, especially Dr Jablonski. Everyone is so caring and wonderful! Thank you!"

- Carole

"Thank You to everyone from NY Cancer ! You all deserve the best because you are the best! God bless you all!"

- Kathleen Mabli

"Thank you to everyone at NYCB for everything you do on the frontlines to take care of those in the community, especially during these tumultuous times. To my daughter Toniann, your compassion and dedication to those you care for, is greatly appreciated, they are truly blessed to have you by their side. God Bless all those at NYCB and thank you again for your selflessness and the sacrifice to continue to care for those in the community."

- Christina Maher

"Thank you NYBCancer staff and doctors for the outstanding support you give your patients."

- Francine Prosa

"Thank you Toniann and all the healthcare workers for all the hard work and dedication given to those who are sick and their families .❤️❤️"

- Maria Sciara

"Thank you so much to my cousin Toniann and her coworkers for saving lives and continuing to spread happiness during this time ❤️❤️❤️"

- Michele D

"Thank you to all the Drs. and staff at the Port Jeff Station, facility. God Bless you all and please stay safe and healthy"

- Sally Baldi, Miller Place

"Thank you so much to my sister toniann and the staff that she works with everyday, being on the frontlines and taking care of all these people, who in spite of Covid-19 still need their treatments. You all are truly amazing!!!"

- K. Traschetti, Selden

"Thank you Toniann and everyone else working so hard!!! You’re all doing such an amazing job."

- Amanda

"With much love and thanks to all of you at NYCBS for your unending dedication, care, kindness, and compassion you always show and give to us, especially now with this horrible virus, by putting us first. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. May God bless you all, keep you safe and healthy. You will always be included in my prayers forever, and I mean all of you . You are truly what personifies angels...for real!! Now i believe even more. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation for always being there for me, especially Dr. Vacirca, Diana, and now Dr. Torres.....i always knew how dedicated you always were!! And of course so many more of you, who have been treating me for ll years already...I truly love you all.."

- Joann and Bob McGuire

"Thank you to the staff and doctors , and pharmacy, at Port Jeff Station office. Thanks for keeping things going in a "normal" feeling. With all that's going on , I commend all for being there for us. Especially Dr. DAVID CHU and his team. Be safe !"

- Roz C. Port Jeff Station

"Thank you to everyone at the Port Jeff office. The wonderful staff and most caring Angel's...Dr Vacirca .. Dr Torres and Diana have gone above and beyond my hopes for the very best care for my husband and me..."

- Janet & Mitch Cooper

"Thank you for all you do Dr. J, Julie and the entire Port Jeff staff. Professionals who go above and beyond. Thank you all!!!"

- Gloria

"Thank you to all staff at NYBCancer. They are truly dedicated to what they do. Great job and thank you again!!"

- T. Zito East Yaphank NY

"I Love you all for the devotion and care you give. God Bless You. Please stay safe and well."

- Suzanne Cuite-Gonzalez

"A huge THANK YOU to Dr. Avvento! I have been a patient for a very long time . He always had my best interests - caring, smart, always greeting his patients with a smile . You have an amazing team - Kelly, Christina , Caryn, Marion , Peter, Tracey - just everyone ! My family & I are grateful beyond words!"

- Daryn , EQ

"To the entire staff at NYCB, thank you for what you do everyday. God bless you and your families .💕"

- HA. Poliseno

"Thank you to the staff and doctors , and pharmacy, at Port Jeff Station office. Thanks for keeping things going in a "normal" feeling. With all that's going on , I commend all for being there for us. Especially Dr. DAVID CHU and his team. Be safe !"

- Roz C. Port Jeff Station

"Dr Chu and all of your staff - “ May God bless and watch over each and every one of you. You’re truly all appreciated more than you could ever realize! Thank you from the bottom of our heart, today and everyday !"

- Chris and Dina L.

"Thank you to the staff and in particular Dr. David Chu, Joanne, and Austin for the hard work that you all do. During my recovery period, they have kept up a very positive and cheerful attitude, Please, keep yourselves and family safe and stay healthy so that we can meet again!"

- Maurice, Rocky Point NY

"Thank you and may God bless all of the staff at the Port Jefferson Station Rt 112 offices, especially Dr Jablonski and her team. Everyone is so wonderful!"

- Kathleen Gillen, Shirley

"To All Healthcare Professinals, Mere words could never express our gratitude and thanks for all you have done. For fighting this insidious virus for all of us, for caring for those who are sick with this virus and for protecting all of us who remain home while YOU went to work. We are indebted to all of you. We are touched by your incredible selflessness. May you be blessed now and always. Sending a virtual hug to each and every one of you. ♡"

- Carol F.

"Folks, this pandemic has brought many things into clearer relief.It's a monster that's killing us and you "front-liners" are our shield and our angels. Health care always demands superhuman qualities but this pandemic is asking even more of you and you are giving. We on the receiving end know the value of what you do for us. From our hearts thank you!"

- Seamus Deegan, Wading River

"Thank you for all you do for everybody on long island and god bless you all,"

- Ron Fabriano

"To Dr. Lipera, and all of the other doctors in the Port Jefferson office, and the hard-working staff for all that they do every day."

- Danny Mcgrattan

"I would like to thank the staff of the riverhead office. Thank you for all you men and women do. THANKS AGAIN."

- James Tirotta

"Thank you for being here. For the kind, attentive care you offer. I particularly want to thank Dr. Rocco Caruso. He is uplifting, perceptive, and I have been his patient for over a year now. I am 88 and still going strong."

- Robert G, E. Patchogue

"We admire your selfless work during this never-ending crisis. We admire your patience and perseverance. We admire your hope in such a critical situation. Thank you for being there for us, knowing the consequences of treating us. I show immense gratitude and respect for the medical fraternity through this message. I hope you all stay healthy and safe."

- Raksha Narendra

"Thank you to each and every one of you for your service please stay safe and healthy god bless you all."

- Elsie Rosa

"Thank you for your sacrifice for our community and beyond, may God bless you all."

- Trudy Schrom

"In this time of uncertainty and such craziness, a chance to acknowledge ALL the people involved in not only my care but those of anyone in need of your specialized care, Thank you! After years of treatments, it's nice to acknowledge those involved. From the greeting at the door to the care received in the Doctor's office and the Infusion Center, everyone's smiling face and positive attitude are always uplifting. A shout out to everyone in the Patchogue Infusion Center for their years of smiling faces and the nurses as they express their "sorry" as they access my port, I know you do mean it! Bless you, all for everything you continue to do, you are truly a special group of people. Joseph Kukral, a patient, survivor, and continued supporter of NYCBS!!"

- Joseph Kukral

"Thank you to all the staff of New York Cancer & Blood Specialists and especially Matt in Smithtown for doing my blood draw remotely in the parking lot. You truly are a caring professional and so kind. And thanks for coming to the front line for your patients during this challenging time of uncertainty. Be well and stay healthy."

- Karen Arthus

"I’d like to thank all the great doctors, nurses, medical assistance, infusion nurses, and all the staff for standing on the front!! I never thought I’d ever say it, but I miss my doctor and the smiling faces!! GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU! STAY SAFE :)"

- Lisa castaldo

"To Bernadette, Kelly + Diana, my New Hyde Park crew - thank you for saving my life and my sanity throughout the 16 weeks of treatment. Although I didn’t look forward to the treatment itself, I always looked forward to seeing you and sharing some laughs. Thank you for the individualized care you all showed me — is was never “just another patient.” You are all truly angels, and I appreciate you beyond understanding. Miss you all! XO"

- Adina Perullo

"NP Gina P., I truly appreciate your kindness, compassion, and dedication in taking care of all of your hospital patients"


"No words can express how much we are so so so grateful and proud of all of you out there every day. We cannot thank you enough."

- Rebecca Nichols

"I’d like to thank the nurses who run towards the line of danger as the rest of us retreat into the safety of our homes. This was not a battle you signed up for, but it is one for which you’re taking up arms and fighting regardless. You’ve done the mental calculus and against human nature, chosen selflessness over self-preservation – not just today in the war against the invisible enemy that is COVID-19, but every time you step into your scrubs. Thank you for choosing to serve and care for those that might be afflicted with the virus, even though the mere act of caring for them may put yourself and your loved ones at risk. So me and the Phillips family humbly thank you and the staff at NEW YORK CANCER CENTER FOR ALL YOUR DOING GOD BLESS YOU ALL!"

- Vanetta Phillips

"With deep gratitude to every front liner helping others to regain their health. My prayers for the health and safety of these true heroes who acted against unknowns every inch of the way. Again, prayers, prayers and more prayers that God keep you safely in His hands! Margaret Ashton, Mattituck, NY."

- Margaret Ashton

"I will never forget, nor will I ever be able to thank enough, the Oncology Nurses who were at my side throughout my cancer experience. The care, compassion, respect, and the unbelievable ability to make me feel I was their most important patient exhibited, beginning with the nurses on the Oncology floor at Stony Brook through the nurses who infused me during chemo, and the nurses who helped me through radiation, are proof that angels walk among us. I cannot thank you enough, nor will I ever forget any of you."

- Susan

"My heart and thanks to all the staff, nurses, and Drs. Who go out of their way. Putting their life on the line. It has been a pleasure and a joy to all of you God bless and keep you safe ❤️SantaT Rodney🙏"

- SantaT Rodney

"Great staff at Southampton, all of them, especially Karen or Caren."

- Richard Lawless

"There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to the nurses, Dr. Sharma, the front desk clerks and everyone at the New York Cancer and Blood Specialists. The care each person receives is so wonderful. These nurses are dedicated to helping each and everyone get well. I want to say “ Thank You and stay safe!”"

- Elizabeth Wern

"I would love to shout out my incredible team with Dr. Chu, his nurse Joanne and all the other amazing health professionals at the Port Jeff location. I couldn’t have gone through all I have without all your love and support. Sincerely, Jennifer Rivera and Family"

- Jennifer Rivera, Coram

"Thank you all for your ability to help us through these tough times. You are the true heros. Stay safe"

- R Cohen-berni

"I would like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the amazing doctors, NPs, Nurses and all the staff. As a nurse, I know how important it is to stay calm and polite during a crisis but I think these amazing people are going above and beyond during this crazy virus. Kudos to NYCBS FOR PUTTING PATIENTS FIRST. I would love to call everyone out by name but I am afraid I would miss some of you so from this nurse, patient and friend I totally appreciate “all you do” and wanted all the people who work the closest with them to know just how wonderful they all are. Thank you with much love and admiration The Genna’s."

- ToniAnn Genna

"Thank you for the excellent care you provide and for the thoughtfulness of all of the staff whenever I have had an appointment."

- Marie Biondo

"The professionalism and compassion of the team of people that helped me through this chapter in my life was an amazing blessing. Dr. Sharma and her team were terrific at their specialties, from Doctors and PA's, from administrative personnel (including billing!) to phlebotomists, to nurses, to the chemo specialists and hematologists, The coordination with other medical specialists was flawless. I thank you for being in my life , and the lives of others, in this difficult personal time for all patients. Throw in a pandemic and your heroic suit up and show up attitude and, again, your professionalism, was truly something I will never forget."

- Brian McManus, Southold

"All of you are not only heroes, you are all miracles! The strength, the will, and the dedication that you all give every day is nothing more than miraculous. May God bless and watch over each and every one of you. You’re truly all appreciated more than you could ever realize and if I can speak on behalf of everyone who has seen you all in action, we are eternally grateful for your service, compassion, and care. Thank you from the bottom of our heart, today and always! Much love and thanks, The Martinbianco Family ❤️❤️❤️"

- The Martinbianco Family (Ray, Jennifer, and Rebecca)