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Physician Dispensary

Here at NYCBS dispensary we are able to provide our patients with the necessary oncology and hematology medications needed for their treatment.

Oral medications have become a more convenient way to treat many of our patients. Being able to provide the medication in our dispensary, we can assure our patients are receiving their prescriptions in a timely matter. We can also monitor the patients and ensure compliance in taking their medications. Having direct contact with their physicians provides excellent communication if there are any changes in therapy.

Patients benefit from our dispensary in many ways:

  • Our technicians have direct access to the patients records and their physicians allowing us to provide faster service
  • We have access to many specialty medications that many local pharmacies do not
  • Patients do not have to leave our office, go to their local pharmacy and wait as their prescriptions are worked on
  • Medications can be delivered to any one of our locations, or if requested can be mailed to their home
  • If patients have a high copay, we can direct them to our team of benefit counselors to work on assistance or obtain medications through the manufacturer

Our goal is to make it more convenient for our patients to obtain their medications. Many of these newer medications are harder to obtain but with our team at NYCBS we can assure excellent quality and service for our patients.